LEI Home Enhancements

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11880 Kemper Springs Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45240

LEI Home Enhancements is leading our nation’s home improvements industry in 32 different cities and growing. LEI was ranked #44 out of the top 200 by Qualified Remodeler magazine of 2017, have an A+ rating with BBB and Angie’s List Certified. LEI originates in Cincinnati, Ohio and this past year installed over 38,000 windows, along with siding, roofing, and doors. LEI achieved this by selling the top rated, Energy Star rated products, to help you save on your monthly energy bills while enhancing your home for the best curb appeal.

For our latest product, the Revelation Elite Series, triple pane window is exclusive to LEI. In addition, for being the most energy efficient window on the market today, LEI is the only company who offers a true lifetime warranty! We are here to provide exceptional customer service, with our face-to-face approach to ensure that you receive the best experience with our knowledgeable and dedicated staff from day one. At LEI, we encourage homeowners to be an active part of the remodeling process and will put in the work to go above and beyond expectations.