Global Neighbor, Inc.

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80 Compark Rd.
Dayton, OH 45459

Robots mowing the lawn and bright lights killing weeds?

Global Neighbor is the specialist in high tech products that makes your life easier and the environment healthy too!

Featuring NatureZap DE and Husqvarna's Automower.

Invented here in Ohio, NatureZap DE is the very latest in weed control technology. Using no smelly chemicals, NatureZap allows you to have a weed free garden while only having a minimal impact on the environment.

Husqvarna's Automower is the world's best robotic lawn mower. With its GPS assisted mowing and their scheduling features, and autonomous operation, the Automower will mow, charge and park itself. Keeping your lawn completely mowed all season long freeing up your weekend to play an extra round or relax by the pool.

Bladepro - Dayton’s main place for mower sales and service, featuring Husqvarna Automower! The excellent robotic mower for your lawn!

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