Garden Features

Limitless Anticipation
SmithScapes Landscape Service, LLC    G - 8

To Create a successful outdoor living area, a well-conceived garden will anticipate the many ways an outside space is to be used and provide flexibility in accommodating these uses. For this year's exhibit, SmithScapes presents Limitless Anticipation, a backyard landscape sanctuary suited for hosting both intimate family gatherings and larger, standing-room-only parties. By integrating formal design elements and several unique features, including seating walls with raised planting beds, a stucco grill and bar, and custom overhead structure, a well-defined space is created that provides opportunities for use without limitation.















Stepping Through Time
Bard Nurseries and Landscaping, G - 1 & G - 5

For 25 years Bard Nurseries has been creating beautiful gardens for the Cincinnati Home & Garden Show. This year's garden combines the best from Bard's displays throughout the years. A mix of colorful plants adds beauty and vibrancy, along with Bard's signature 'Snow Fountain' weeping cherry trees bursting with an abundance of white flowers. Hyacinths, tulips, azaleas and rhododendrons signal the arrival of spring. Continue through the arbor to the center of the garden to find 'Heritage' river birch trees flanking each side of the hourglass shaped deck, with 'Green Giant' arborvitae offering privacy from the outside world. Stepping-stone pathways lead you back to the Show, or continue straight ahead to Bard's garden store, where you'll find the latest supplies and decor: lush plants grown in Bard's greenhouses, a wide selection of beautiful annuals, unique planters, garden stakes, wind chimes, rain gauges, crystal expressions and more.  













Peaceful Oasis
Egbert's Landscaping, G - 2

Step into the patio area and let the garden surround you with bright color and the soothing sound of water. You'll find weeping cherry, Japanese maples, azaleas, forsythia and hyacinth ready to take you from the winter into the freshness of springtime. Plenty of bright annuals, along with spruce, arborvitae, boxwood and holly, lend a variety of pleasing heights, textures and colors to the garden. A rugged pergola partially shades the seating and entertainment area, and a fireplace offers a cozy spot for cool evenings. Whatever your preference, this garden provides a serene refuge amid the everyday bustle.














Think Big!
Whitetail Acres Nursery & Landscaping, Inc., G - 7

A statue of Hebe, the Greek goddess of youth, welcomes you to this year's garden. Step up to get a better view of the tiered water fountain and find a variety of large deciduous and evergreen trees, including maple and Norway spruce. Large trees offer shade, privacy and new life for tired landscapes at an affordable price when buying directly from the grower. Arborvitae, groundcover and a variety of perennials and annuals bring amazing color and texture into play to complete the setting.















Tuscany Living
Lichtenberg Landscaping, G - 13

An Old World courtyard opens with a gateway arbor structure that points you to a fun and exciting entertainment area featuring a bar and grill. This is the spot where you can enjoy a satisfying dinner while you watch the game on the outdoor TV. The ample paver courtyard leads to a cozy dining area, where you can sit back and awaken your senses under the string lights. The beautifully planted garden includes 'Spring Grove' arborvitae trees, boxwoods and flowering hydrangeas, creating a harmonious, lush setting. Whether you're having a cookout or just relaxing, this courtyard is a great place to spend quality time with family and friends - so bring in a little excitement and escape to your own Tuscany resort right in your backyard.














Rustic Hideaway
Midwest StoneScapes, G - 14

Walk through the Midwest Stone Scape garden, and you'll notice an overwhelming sense of Old World charm accented by a natural and rustic feel. Rough-swan lumber, stone and magnitude of greenery make this one-of-a-kind space. Find Arborvitae, boxwoods, hydrangeas and azaleas, just to name a few, tucked around the outdoor kitchen area where you and your friends can gather for hours. Envision yourself spending endless nights staying warm by the stone fireplace or custom fire table. This is the type of space that anyone would want to have right outside the back door.












Country Silo Kitchen
McKenzie Landscape & Garden Center, G - 10

This backyard edible garden is accompanied by a unique focal point: a grain of silo fitted with refurbished barn-siding flooring, custom counters, a grill, and refrigeration units - the perfect place for that next party or family gathering. The garden area overall features an array of colorful annuals and perennials, as well as delicious herbs and fresh apples, compliments of a 'Northpole' apple tree. Eastern redbuds and a stone water feature lend distinctive elements to anchor the space, along with japonica, tulips, pansies, and other surprises.